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News about our affiliation with TowneBank

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Client Information Guide

On January 29, 2018, Paragon Bank joined TowneBank, combining resources to form an even more extraordinary organization. These two banks share similar values, private banking cultures, and a strong focus on caring for clients.

  • Paragon clients now have access to a broader array of services and banking centers.
  • Together, we can provide you with everything you’ve come to expect from Paragon Bank, plus more!
  • Watch the video on the right to learn more about client benefits from our partnership with TowneBank.

This online guide provides important information about your accounts, including online and mobile banking, private and commercial banking, new Towne services, and more.

Our Affiliation with TowneBank

Learn more about our partnership.

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Online and Mobile Banking

You will continue to have access to Paragon online banking through our website. Quicken, QuickBooks, and Mint users will need to make important updates.

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Deposit Accounts

Learn about some of the account similarities and changes you can expect.

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Loans & Loan Payments

The terms and conditions of your existing Paragon Bank loan or line of credit will remain the same.

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Cards & Merchant Services

Learn more about the changes to expect with your Debit Cards and Merchant Credit Card Deposits.

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Additional Information

Branch hours and deposits, direct deposits, auto drafts, safe deposit boxes, and wire transfers.

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