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Detect Safe Browsing


The security and safety of online banking clients is a top priority. That’s why Paragon Bank is pleased to provide online banking clients with Detect Safe Browsing by Easy Solutions, a complementary software download that adds an additional layer of protection while clients access accounts.

Detect Safe Browsing runs in the background while clients are logged into the online banking system. It scans and monitors for malicious activity such as:

  • Malware (viruses)
  • Phishing (email attempts to collect sensitive data)
  • Pharming (fake websites that look real)

If it finds anything suspicious, it will warn clients to take appropriate security precautions. We recommend that every online banking client download this complementary software for an added layer of security against fraud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to download this software?

  • This software provides an added level of security on your computer while you access online banking. This added layer of security scans your device and monitors for fraud attacks. This service is available for desktop operating systems.

If my device is infected with malware, what does Detect Safe Browsing do?

  • If malware is detected, Detect Safe Browsing will notify you of the infection, let you know what malicious activity it has blocked on your device, and allows you to access online banking safely.

What are the technical requirements for using Detect Safe Browsing?

  • Easy Solutions provides a comprehensive list of FAQs related to installation, system, web browser and other technical requirements to help ensure the software works properly on your computer or laptop. These are always maintained to include the most up-to-date information.

How do I download Detect Safe Browsing?

  • Click on the Windows or Mac download buttons found above on this web page, then run the installer to load the software on your device.