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Vendor Diversity & Inclusion


We encourage relationships with a diverse group of vendors who compete on a fair and equal basis. We recognize the critical role a diverse vendor base plays in our ability to maintain operational excellence and support local businesses, so Paragon Bank is committed to developing relationships that create a diverse group of qualified vendors.

We invite diverse businesses – including minority owned, female owned, veteran owned, and disabled owned businesses – to maintain relationships with Paragon through high-quality services or products with competitive pricing. Our company is built on a reputation for excellence, and we endeavor to align our company with like-minded, diverse vendor partners.

If you represent a diverse business interested in establishing a vendor partnership with Paragon Bank, we encourage you to complete the prospective vendor form. This will put you in touch with Paragon’s Vendor Diversity officer for vendor consideration.

Please note: Submitting this form is for informational purposes and will only be used internally at Paragon Bank. It does not guarantee business for your company nor a designation as an approved vendor.